I know you’ve already heard that functional mushrooms (or medicinal mushrooms) are renowned for their adaptogenic properties that aid in optimizing health and vitality.

Have you heard of SuperMush yet? If not, let us fill you in.

SuperMush fully believes that mushrooms can save the earth and our health. Their products were recently endorsed by no other than the trusted Dr. Mark Hyman and now we are on board to help them continue to get this fresh new product out into the Natural Health market.

They’ve created an easy way to boost your energy, increase your immunity and create a feeling of calmness naturally using the superpower of organic mushrooms.

And it’s not coffee or a drink!

SuperMush harnessed this power and made it into delicious and effective mouth sprays. We’re big fans of oral sprays because sublingual delivery means faster and superior absorption.

SuperMush makes a Daily Energy tangerine dream mouth spray with cordyceps, lion’s mane, rhodiola, and green tea for a clean burst of energy. Their Daily Immunity cinnamon toast mouth spray is formulated with turkey tail, reishi, ginger, and vanilla to protect cellular health and keep your immune system strong. Plus their Daily Chill hibiscus lemon spray (their top converting product, by the way) with ashwagandha, reishi, lion’s mane, and lavender reduces stress and restful sleep.

SuperMush is now paying $20 CPA for affiliates who sign up in October through the link below and share their amazing Daily Chill Spray!

Take a peek at their sales pages and email swipe and familiarize yourself with the product messaging. 

Daily Chill Mouth Spray

Daily Chill Email Swipe

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