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Voted the #1 Partnership & Direct Marketing Agency Worldwide

The one thing that all direct marketing professionals do that separates them from the rest is their strategic application of Partnership Marketing.

Jax Group is the original Partnership Marketing Management agency. With 15 + years of partnership and affiliate marketing experience, we are extremely well-known for successfully growing your e-commerce brands through our strategic Partnership Marketing initiatives, and growing our clients’ communities to well over 6-figures. With us, you get a highly professional, reliable, ethical and experienced team of savvy marketers that know that a strategic, delicate and unique approach to growing your business and cultivating long-term relationships is the only approach. We realize that since our inception, many have tried to recreate our  business model… so why choose us? 

We created this model and are continually optimizing our approach. We do the research that it takes to find our client’s partnerships and  and grow their revenue through affiliate and Partnership marketing. Our clients rely on our highly nurtured and developed relationships with CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Authors and high quality direct marketing affiliates to motivate them to bring awareness about their products and brand to their audience.  And we execute this successfully over and over again.

It All Started in 2011…We were the First and Continue to be the Best

Our Reputation of Success, Reliability, and Integrity Precedes Us

Jax Group Strategic Marketing is the most trusted team in the industry because we will never compromise your integrity or your vision to execute and outperform your goals.

Since our inception in 2011, we have been highly respected and have been referred to as the authority on knowing how to build relationships professionally, creatively, respectfully & with the utmost integrity.

We are always enthusiastic, grateful and proud of our work and our team and love what we do! Integrity and honesty is everything in this business and we know far too many agencies that do not hold themselves in this high of regard.

Jax Group has grown into a business that manages 9-figures in partner revenue… all by word of mouth, referrals, and recommendations from our current & past clients.

Non-Traditional Partnership Marketing Strategies aka “The Secret Sauce”

We have our own unique “outside-of-the-box” digital marketing strategies that no one else in the business uses to create a buzz around an upcoming digital event or launch. We work with your publisher to digitally (pre) launch books, optimize digital programs, courses and drive massive traffic to all of it through direct marketing and podcasts. We will never sell our Marketing Strategy as a training program or course to other companies or Affiliate Managers because we have developed them all ONLY for our clients and are unique to each individual company needs. With us, you know we are giving your partners personalized communication and are able to formulate strategy based on the needs of the client.

As a part of Jax Group Strategic Marketing, you have access to our years of unpublished, private work that has proven and tested methods and processes for securing brand new partnerships and driving hundreds of thousands of visitors to your campaigns.

The Most Powerful Network… Period

We have invested 15+ years into building our extensive professional network, and as a result have the most sought-after list of online direct marketing and podcast host contacts and peers in the health industry.

You get immediate access to private networking events and parties across the world where you will meet and mingle with online health influencer “celebrities” and their teams.

A Track Record of Best-Selling Book Launches

Jax Group has been a driving force behind Amazon best-selling books in the Woman’s Health, Alternative Health, Health, Herbal Remedies, Homeopathy, Nutrition & Cookbook categories. We have also jolted our genius authors to the top of the USA Today Bestseller and New York Times Bestseller lists. Our careful selection of your partnerships, implementation of products and courses, and funnel re-organization will make your book launches a six-figure revenue stream. We will create wide margins to attract huge influencers to your book campaigns…and they will reap the rewards with massive affiliate income!

Media Buying Power

Not only are we the leaders in Health and Wellness Partnership and Affiliate marketing, we also are successfully executing digital media buying for our clients, working with the top publishers and media buyers in the industry to keep rates off rate card and have complete transparency about list demographics and performance. These relationships have been formed and secured for the last 20 years and we continually receive over 90% ROI on all our media buys for our clients.

Need Help Growing a New or Existing Partnership or Affiliate Marketing Program?

Jax Group Strategic Marketing prides ourselves on being the agency to turn to over and over again for growing an existing Affiliate and Partnership Program.  Do any of these describe you?

Mega Mama

Are you an online health influencer with over 200,000 followers and loyal readers in your social community, with a multi million dollar brand that is looking for a top-notch, highly ethical and successful company to represent you and negotiate your marketing partnerships for you so you don’t have to talk shop with your friends? We are the only choice. It’s more than likely that we are business associates with your friends already. We work with thousands of online health influencers and are ready to take on this conversation for you and optimize on it – making sure we aren’t missing on any amazing opportunities to work together.

Brand Queen

Do you have a recognizable brand and a few connections that have supported your campaigns to their communities but you just can’t seem to get those opt in and sales conversions where they need to be to grow your business and your network? We will take the reigns and look at every detail of your email copy, landing page, cart page, funnel down-sells and upsells, bonus materials and current partnerships (are they a match?) and ruthlessly protect your brand as we pump up the offers and partner you the right influencers to make your bottom line bulge.

Genius Mind

Are you a new genius mind in the online health niche? We love to sink our teeth in and get our hands dirty with you as we review your potential offers, strategize on your future funnels and plan for your upcoming product launch.  We will give you our expert advice on what ISP to use, what affiliate software is best for your needs and what type of partner/affiliate marketer is a match for you. We will help you create you unique avatar and position you in the industry as an expert in your field.

If you a Genius Mind, Brand Queen, or Mega Mama, please fill out our contact form and we will set up a call to strategize your next steps.

What Influencers Are Saying About Jax Group

Our Satisfied Clients

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Dr. Nandi
Echo H2O Hydrogen Enriched Water
Nano Botanicals
Awakened Health Academy
Natural Health 365
Tru Energy
Simply Plant Based Diet
Human Longevity Project
Grow Network
Dr. Mowll
Four Sigmatic
The Chi Center
Natural Heart Doctor
Global Cancer Symposium
Dr. Teri Wahls
Pink Fortitude
Green Smoothie Girl
Natural Path
Dr Amy Johnson
The Whole Journey
The Gupta Program
Ample Foods
Dr. Mariza Snyder
Dr.Jolene Brighten
Healing Histamines
Dr. Ritamarie
Desert Farms
Kettle & Fire
Teri Cochrane
Derek Rydall
Revelation Health
Working Moms Only
Fat Loss Factor
Zero to Hero Fitness
Optimal Wellness Labs
Perfect Origins
Doctors Health Press
Stretch Coach
Barton Publishing
Super Health Systems
Save Institute
Big Impact LIVE
Okuma Nutritionals
The Healthy Back Institute
Dr Kasia Kines
Glow Natural Wellness
East Asian Healing Secrets
Nourishing Hope Summit
Integrative Pediatrics Summit
The Road To Dharma

The Jax Group Team

Jackie Rey – Founder

Jax Group Strategic Marketing was founded by Jackie Rey in 2011 after she spent 8 years building and successfully growing multiple financial and health companies’ JV & Affiliate programs as an in house JV Manager. When she realized she could help numerous companies at once, she knew it was time to start her own company and open up her expertise to anyone that needed it.

Jackie has now spent over 15 years networking with the biggest online health influencers while building out a 5-Star book of business as well as training Affiliate & JV Managers and numerous CEOs across the world on how to start, build and grow their online digital marketing/B2B platforms and sales funnels, including launching several books and products worldwide.

Antonio Rey – Co-Founder

Antonio brings over 25 years of experience in advertising and digital marketing, growing clients’ businesses and developing strong and lasting streams of revenue.

Having worked for powerhouses such as IAC/Interactive Corp., Antonio has a track record of success with companies of all sizes, from small startups to billion dollar juggernauts.

For the past decade, Antonio has specialized in e-mail marketing, supporting clients in the health/wellness, telemedicine and personal development verticals, including launches for products reaching across 80 countries.

Get in touch. We would love to hear from you!